What is Vericents?

Vericents is a Payment Service Provider created by veterans of the e-commerce, financial, and technology sectors. We created Vericents to give you a secure, competitive, and easy way to accept credit card payments online. Our technology was designed to be adaptive, so whatever your needs – Vericents can be tailor-fit.

How can I register?

Simply download the forms, fill them out, and send them to us. We’ll walk you through the rest.

What is a rolling reserve?

A rolling reserve is a temporary hold on a portion of processed funds (typically held for 21 days) meant to protect both the merchant and the processing facility from potential loss due to chargebacks. We do not keep any portion of merchants’ funds for longer than absolutely necessary.

What industries you process the payments for?

We support all industries and companies licensed to operate in the European Union. Companies operating outside the EU may have their processing geographically restricted in accordance with local laws of individual EU member states (that is, we could process payments for you from anywhere in the world aside from a few particular countries in the EU, depending on your industry).

What is the payout schedule?

We aim for weekly payouts, but individual agreements will depend on your industry type.

What currencies can we accept the payments?

Over 150 global currencies. Contact support for details about a particular currency.

I have a question which is not on a list?

Please contact the Vericents support team and we’ll be happy to assist.

How am I protected against FRAUD transactions?

Vericents carries out a background check on the credit card during the payment process. If suspicious transaction occurs, you are informed immediately by email by our Risk Department as well as suggestions for future steps and actions.

The use of the 3D Secure transactions also prevents the fraud.

Vericents is certified for the PCI DSS standards, which also offers a high level of security.

How does Vericents protect me against fraudulent transactions?

Vericents is fully compliant and certified to the PCI DSS standard. This, together with the use of 3D Secure transactions, offers a high level of security against fraud.

Most importantly, however, is that here at Vericents we carry out a background check on every credit card during the payment process. If any suspicion arises during a transaction, our Risk Department will immediately notify you and provide you with information on a suggested course of action to handle the matter.